The Valentir Sociedade de Advogados provides comprehensive advice to companies and individuals seeking to relocate their assets to achieve higher profitability, and tax efficiency and equity within the legal  provisions. This activity involves the following:

  • Mapping and evaluation of the assets of the situation in order to identify contingencies and verify the need for asset restructuring for better efficiency, advising the execution of legal acts;

  • Advice on the protection of property and rights with the structuring or restructuring of assets through the use of organization and corporate transactions, used to segregate or aggregate equity, always within legal limits and in compliance with the responsibilities assumed by partners and managers (corporate, tax , labor, etc.);

  • Consultancy of tax order consequences in planning the equity organization;

  • Implementation of Corporate Restructuring and Tax Planning plan;

  • Consulting in establishing corporate governance standards;

  • Verification of the need for implementation of succession planning to make the perennial equity organization.