In the labor area Valentir Sociedade de Advogados is designed to provide full customer service, both preventive issues through the Advisory to both individual and collective rights as well as the administrative or judicial litigation.

The office performance occurs with extensive communication with in-house legal departments, financial and human resources of customers, enabling discussion of cases, building defenses, measurement of contingencies related to labour liabilities and legal strategies to adopt.

Prevent advisory involves:

  • Responses to consultations and preparation of documents;

  • Structuring and Human Resources Management;

  • Hiring and termination of employees and executives in Brazil or abroad;

  • Legal review of the salaries and benefits structure;

  • Outsourcing services;

  • Advice and studies in business to business sales and acquisitions;

  • Restructuring departments;

  • Review internal policies of businesses;

  • Collective bargaining;

  • Research labor liabilities.

In the area of litigation, the advisory service includes all activities administrative and in the judicial process at the national level until last decision in the Superior Courts, both in individual and collective labor claims, as in civil lawsuits filed by the Ministry of Labor.

All work in the labor area is made with support of the work medical services, security engineers, computer experts and accountants, providing customer service and centralizing all your demands, with online tracking in office own information system.