The Valentir Sociedade de Advogados is constantly striving to position itself facing new demands and complexities that are formed in the various branches in the law. Companies often face situations of highly complex commercial and legal, requiring expert advice for the digital market.

The office performance in this area involves:

  • Legal advice on digital transformation and innovation, from startup to large business groups, by performing “due diligence” and conducting legal feasibility studies and risk analysis on various subjects, such as digital signature, biometrics, facial recognition, blockchain, “big date”, e-commerce, among others;

  • Legal audits of software licensing, regulatory, “Data Ethics” and LGPD compliance;

  • Legal advice on contracts, procurement M&A, financing, consumer protection, intellectual property, fraud prevention and litigation, competition, regulatory and tax issues;

  • Support in contracts and solutions for Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing, providers of data centers and hosting, payments and virtual banking services, Open Banking, Open Insurance and Fintechs;

  • Legal advisory to all customer needs as implementation of ERP, payment processing, outsourcing, software licensing, hosting solutions in cloud computing;

  • Digital Litigation.